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    It can engrave and cut any real leather with perfect effect, and its speed is beyond your imagination.

  • portable

    Portable fiber

    We carry the optical fiber laser marking system around, so that we can display the laser processing to customers at any time.

  • gb150a-xxp-4


    Incomprable It,Your New Opportunity!Large working area,1200mmx1200mm,adopts Germany ROFIN CO2 laser generator, life time about 20000 hours.

  • GB60A-XYP


    It adopts the mobile splicing technology, and can achieve the maximum precision and surface at the same time. Its largest surface reaches 500MM*750MM, which can help you improve the efficiency and maximize the capacity. 

  • CO2-F30A


    Online laser marking system,it is a new product researched by Gbos Laser for manifold nonmetal materials marking in electron, medical, tobacco, package, byproduct etc.





    UV laser is a kind of cold laser, and is the first choice of laser applications in the high-end electronic industry. For instance, Apple products are engraved by UV laser.

  • DP-H50L


    Semiconductor laser marking machine,Suitable for the plane marking of various kinds of objects; freeprocessing methods can be set.

  • B60


    The B series button laser engraving equipment is the perfect laser engraving system for the button design process and for optimizing laser button engraving.

  • gb275a-xxp-3
  • portablex
  • gb150a-xxp-4
  • GB60A-XYP
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  • uvlaserx
  • DPH50L
  • B60

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XXP series 3D dynamic CO2 laser marking machine.


Denim Laser Engraving

It is quicker than similar products by 15% or above, and breaks through the restriction of traditional surface, whose allowed maximum surface is up to 1600*1600.

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  • gifts marking

    Laser Marking in Gifts

    Laser marking is the most ideal mode for marking various kinds of publicity slogans, brand LOGO and other advertising products. Compared with traditional printing or other modes, it has irreplaceable advantages, such as fast speed, top grade, fadeless and environment-friendly.

  • paper marking

    Laser marking on paperboard

    With Gbos laser marker, fine materials like paper and metallic foil can be marked without direct contact so as to avoid mechanical pressure and damage.

  • sumsung

    GBOS focus in laser field

    GBOS sales line covers over 30 countries and districts, the products mainly applied in electron, garment ,leather, craft, metal sheet, printing packaging, advertising ,home decoration and other field.

  • Shoes marking

    Shoe Sole Laser Marking

    Gbos laser equipment can quickly engrave, cut and hollow out all kinds of patterns on various leather materials,Laser application has been known as the best mode in the leather shoemaking industry instead of traditional handicraft.


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Video Demo

We GBOS have uploaded the best laser cutting and marking video demo for our various models on YOUTUBE,it is real,amazing! 


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